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An antique set of brass weights for use with a scale made by Central Scientific Co. There are 11 weights ranging from 1000 grams to 2 grams which are held in a wooden block. Maker’s mark to the side of the block. Made in Germany. The 1000 gram weight does not match the other weights.

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An antique set of brass weights for use with a scale made by Central Scientific Co. There are 11 weights ranging from 1000 grams to 2 grams which are held in a wooden block. Maker’s mark to the side of the block. Made in Germany. The 1000 gram weight does not match the other weights.

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7′, 3/2 Golden special rod, serial number 1317, 4/5 weight. Medium fast action. Actual weight of rod is 4.4 oz. The reel seat hardware is gold plated nickel silver cap and ring with ebony wood insert.

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Antique Large and Unique 10 Brass Weight Set also with Coin/Sheet Weights Ornate Wood Base & Sheet Weights 1 Weight Missing. TimelessTokensDE. $450 USD SALE OFFER. Antique Brass Balance Scale Mounted on Wood Base Saddles are with the Scale…

ANTIQUE BRASS BULL HEAD APOTHECARY NESTING CUP WEIGHT SET Medical Apothecary / Jewelry / Gold Balance Scale, Portable with Weights & more Antique Brass Apothecary Scale Metal Case with Troy Weights Antique Apothecary Pharmacy Weight Set In Wooden Box – 13 weights G and Mg APOTHECARY SCALE – Velvet Box with Weights – DECORATIVE VINTAGE CLAY.

4’6" ( 137cm ) length and 23 – 26mm top diameter. These are carefully selected " Premium" chestnut shanks, stripped, then expertly spiral grooved, by hand, on a machine, using first a broad "fingernail" faced cutter and then another identical cutter, the second cut being half the width of the first.

Antique Tools Vintage Tools Antique Brass Vintage Items Old Scales Vintage Scales Weighing Scale Collection Displays Hanging Scale Forward A collection of 11 antique hanging brass milk scales ranging in size from to 21 (including the hooks and rings).

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Antique Brass and Iron Buffalo Hide, this is a genuine antique by fj thornton 7 brass weights from 1/4 to 1lb. victorian,brass,postal letter scales,with weights: 8oz. See complete description See price

#6793437 – Antique scale with brass pans and weights and a wood and marble.

Antique Brass Chest Handles Brushed Brass Cabinet Pulls Gold Kitchen Hardware 15 Pack – Goldenwarm Antique Brass Cabinet Pulls Brass Handles for Cabinet 3in

The largest genuine weight produced was 250 ticals (kyat), running down 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 2, 1, 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8 tical. Burmese Opium Weights : Bird and Lion Weight. Burmese animal weights fall into two representations; the beast and the bird weight of various designs and decoration. They all stand on bases of various shapes.

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Antique English brass jewelry scale with weights. Maker’s mark on brass level. Light wear. View Product [ x ] close. Antique English Postal Scale. Description: Antique English wooden and brass postal scale. Maker’s mark on brass plate. Light wear. View Product [ x ] close. French Balance Scale w/ Weights. Large French balance scale dating.

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Antique Scale with weights. Isolated Antique scale weights. Antique weights from an old scale, made of brass, on a wooden surface and with a light background 5 Antique Kitchen Scale Weights. Five old fashioned antique kitchen scale weights isolated on a white background.

this is antique vintage brass balance weights. its in verry verry good and saved condition, have some traces of time – please see all my pictures and if you have any questions or need more pictures, write me.perfect for collection, present, use or other.have stamps on them, and they are full set box.

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