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Cameraholics is a group for collectors of cameras and photographica based in Brisbane, Australia that was formed in late 1999 and is the first photographic collectors group (as opposed to camera users group) to be formed in. Collecting Vintage Movie Cameras and Projectors.

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In 1923 Manildra businessman Allan Tom started a traveling picture show using a film projector carted on. Tom’s Garage to be converted into a movie poster museum. More than 30,000 vintage posters a.

David Green is well-qualified to help the Classic Film Society show vintage films to Quad-City audiences. Davenport manufacturer produced and sold the very first 16 mm movie cameras and projectors,

Shop for-and learn about-Vintage Movie Cameras. Vintage movie cameras, projectors and accessories can still be used today to make home movies – or in.

How much is a vintage keystone 8 mm model #109D, film projector worth – Answered by a verified Antique Expert. (Model A-9) and Keystone 16MM projector (Model K-160) are collectors looking for items like this?. I have a Keystone Automatic 8 MM model980Z movie projector bought in late 50’s or early 60’s is it worth anything.

1946 Vintage Ampro Movie Projector Lubricating Oil Tin Can. Home Theater Projector – $155,000.00. Vintage Collectors Adams Montgomery Wards Fingertip Projector And Camera Zoom 725. Vintage Collectors Elmo – $31,244.94 Vintage Collectors Elmo 8-s Zoom Auto-eye 8mm Film Projector.

This app offers three soundtracks including two 20s-sounding piano scores and a movie projector that will. sepia, sepia vintage and black and white. For those of you not familiar with silent movies.

Kubrick Collection Blu Ray The Cold War masterpiece gets a restored 4K transfer from The Criterion Collection, to go with portions of a 1966

Tralee people of every vintage know nothing. Back then he received movies that were divided into separate reels that neede.

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Larger sized film stock like 35mm produces a crisp and sharp image when projected on to a large screen in a movie theater, while an 8mm projection on a.

Movie Time! Premium collectible Reel to Reel Vintage Movie Projector Miniature Clock; modeled after the famous 1920/30s era Keystone Projector. Die cast.

Offered for your approval is this 1930s Kaplan Projector CO. 35mm vintage film movie projector head. This unit is fully restored to the highest level and is a remarkable find. Cinema Antiques Rare, Artifact-Sculpture, Authentic, Certified, Collectible, Vintage, Displayable and re-purposed Equipment Antiques of the Hollywood Film Studio and.

Everything needed for film collecting and the movie or film collector and hobbyist!. If you need a movie projector for 8mm – super-8 or 16mm film you have come to. Trailers, Antique Promotional Commercial Films and Complete Features.

Buy Bellaa 20904 Vintage Camera Bookends Film Movie Projector Black Silver Collector's Items: Decorative Bookends – ✓ FREE DELIVERY.

Apr 1, 2009. A lover of classic movies and an aspiring film collector himself, John heard. The walls throughout these vintage halls and living spaces were filled with. The projection booth, a roomy space, contained projectors for 35 mm,

Pistiolas owns the world’s largest private collection of movie cameras, 937 vintage models and projectors. [Shnanghai Daily] The movie cameras cover every bit of wall space, all neatly arranged, duste.

Take a photo tour of Blackbird Vintage in a gallery after the jump. The place: DiRenzo’s beloved Building 57 is a rectangular room with worn brick walls and an impressively high ceiling—perfect for di.

Yes, there are still 16mm film collectors out there. I have over seven hundred 16mm films in my collection. Right now I’ve relocated and the films are in temperature controlled storage and packed away.

From a vintage silent movie projector to nearly every action figure from the last century, the whole gang is literally here. While it may be garbage that line up numerous tables in the warehouse, the.

Results 1 – 48 of 6118. Shop eBay for great deals on Vintage Movie Projectors & Screens. a great conversation piece for a camera collector or perhaps even.

8mm and 16mm FILM / HOME MOVIE PROJECTORS. Most projector lamps have life spans of 10-50 hours and are very fragile thus, should be handled carefully. Noise: Film projectors are very complicated mechanical things, with lots of moving and integrated parts. There will always be a degree of mechanical noise made by any film projector.

16mm Movie Projector, circa 1940, Iconic, Vintage Sculpture for the Media Room. We have been active collectors and curators of vintage Motion Picture Equipment for over 49 years. During this time we have amassed a superb and rare ongoing collection of antique: movie cameras, Hollywood studio lights, film studio audio / microphones.

Apr 1, 1996. Collecting vintage movie cameras and projectors. Introduction; Three classes of cinematographica collectors; Specialities in collecting.

Both 8mm cameras and projectors were affordable and widespread by the 1950s. The Brownie 8 mm Movie Camera was introduced in 1951 and the Brownie 8 Movie Projector was added in 1952. It was compact, lightweight, and fully automatic and had about 200-foot reel capacity for 15 minutes of viewing.

I have two 16mm sound projectors (no movies yet,though) and two 8mm. on vinegar sydrome-I visited the home of a film collector, and when I.

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Vintage Super Simplex 35mm movie projector photo Kiel Opera House St. Louis MO This is a NEW excellent quality reprint of a rare photo. I own the original image and made this copy from my original.

According to a California-based industry group, the Vintage Drive-In here is the first new drive. Neither Dean nor any of his employees knew how to run a movie projector. "It was pretty tense the f.

Out of an elegant monogrammed case, antique dealer Phil Sunman pulls out an old-fashioned movie. as the projector, from a deceased estate over the past few years. He now has a vast treasure trove,

Antique Silent film 35mm Movie Theatre Projector cinema C Francis. Site for antique and classic camera collectors, with wooden view cameras from the.

CinemaAntiques offers CERTIFIED Cinema Antiques and Artifacts Circa 1900. to antique and collectible equipment & artifacts of the motion picture industry. Collection of Vintage Motion Picture Projection Bulbs in New Italian Glass Vase.

eBay and Etsy can both be great places to sell vintage items, as well as research current prices for items you are selling. Another place you could use to sell your slide and movie projectors locally would be Krrb Classifieds ~ Buy and Sell with Locals.It’s a great place to connect with local buyers.

Good, Bell &Howell 8 mm Autoload movie projector. Light, Keystone Dual K-560, 8 mm movie projector. Good, Kodak Instamatic M-67, 8mm movie projector.,

Refurbishing vintage projectors for Film School, Film Collectors, Individual who realize film machines and Film have a longer existence than other medium!

8mm Movie Projectors Around since the 1930s, 8mm movie projectors have been one of the oldest ways to capture moving images and capture memories in the process. Today, photographers and collectors add vintage projectors to their collection, and projectors that still work are an exciting way to view video even today.

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Bob Orndorff works with an 85-year-old hand-crank projector. “As far as movies, this is really all we had.” A love for history followed Orndorff into other areas of his life, too. Orndorff collects.

Jun 9, 2009. David Green is well-qualified to help the Classic Film Society show vintage films to Quad-City audiences.

Sep 14, 2013  · Vintage Movie Camera. General. Camera Buy-Sell-Trade Board. Movie Cameras & Projectors. Are you a large collector of movie cameras and do you have a lot of them? I notice that you have good knowledge. I have a Victor Cine Model 3 16mm silent movie projector. It does work, but a wire is loose at the base and will.

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Results 1 – 48 of 105. Vintage Kodak Instamatic M69L Movie Projector – Stand and Screen. Betrachter Slide and Film Viewer Vintage Retro Collectible Boxed.

Both 8mm cameras and projectors were affordable and widespread by the 1950s. The Brownie 8 mm Movie Camera was introduced in 1951 and the Brownie 8 Movie Projector was added in 1952. It was compact, lightweight, and fully automatic and had about 200-foot reel capacity for 15 minutes of viewing.

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Results 1 – 18 of 18. Vintage 16mm Movie Sound Projector BELL HOWELL TQ III Specialist. Original condition, suit projection equipment restorer/ collector.