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Mar 18, 2009  · The Agrigento Ephebe, a Severe style Greek sculpture of the 5th century BCE in the museum of Agrigento , Sicily. Ephebos (ἔφηβος) (often in the plural epheboi ), also anglicised as ephebe (plural: ephebes ) or archaically ephebus (plural: ephebi ), is a Greek word for an adolescent or a social status reserved for that age in Antiquity.

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Citizen and Self in Ancient Greece. légende et culte en Grèce antique. “Ecriture et pratique juridique dans la Grece classique,” in Detienne, M.

Elle provient des vestiges retrouvés en 1900 dans une épave de navire antique ayant fait naufrage près de l’île. Antikythera Ephebe. Ephebes; 340s BC.

Archaeologists Find Unique Minoan Sealstone in Greece | Due to the seal’s small size and veining on the stone, many of the miniature details are only clearly visible via photomicroscopy.

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Discovering the ancient city of Olympia, its antique statues and ruins can be one of the most memorable experiences tourists may have while exploring the Peloponnese.

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Education in ancient Greece. The students would graduate from the agoge at the age of eighteen and receive the title of ephebes. Upon becoming an ephebe,

Jean-Baptiste Regnault’s Three Graces and. who are more akin to ephebes—like. Writing of the general similarity of female figures in antique.

colloquium “La Béotie antique”, the proceedings of which were published in 1985. Gilbert was

Revue internationale et pluridisciplinaire de religion grecque antique. fr; en;. particularly those of the Spartan agelai and of Athenian ephebes.

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The Thera Inscriptions Ritual or Slander?. but then a group of older boys (ephebes). La pédérastie dans la Grece antique.

Pederasty in ancient Greece was a socially acknowledged romantic relationship between an adult male (the erastes) and a younger male (the eromenos).

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Origins and Influences, Tucson/London: The University of Arizona Press 1994, Apollo. Origins and Influences, Tucson/London:. Like other ephebes,

Studies of Homosexuality Volume 1 Introduction. From. that the main competitors were ephebes. wiki/index.php?title=Studies_of_Homosexuality_Volume_1.

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grecque antique 6 | 1993 Varia Creative Euphoria. Dionysos and the Theatre Synnøve Des Bouvrie. the chorus of tragedy consisted of ephebes, which suggests that the