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50’s Soda Machines These Are True Pieces Of Americana History And Are Becoming Increasingly Difficult To Find Today. Our sister company, Back In Time Warehouse, restores vintage 50’s soda machines to better then new condition.

WARRANTY on all of our remanufactured soda fountain machines listed below Mouse over the category images below for a brief description of the different types of soda fountain machines. Click on a category image to jump to that section.

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Complete, 100% brand new refrigeration systems, for a variety of antique soda machines. All systems include, new coils, shrouds, fan motors, blades, brackets, compressor, wiring harness, thermostat, new copper tubing, new capillary tubing, charged and ready to install.

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The Soda Jerk Works Thanks for visiting! If you own, restore, or service vintage soda machines, you are in the right place! Be sure to check back often, since new features and products are added frequently!

This item up for bid includes owner’s entire Coca Cola collection: 1. Coca-Cola Jacobs Model JSC 26 Vending Machine, which is a five (5) cent machine that.

Complete, 100% brand new refrigeration systems, for a variety of antique soda machines. All systems include, new coils, shrouds, fan motors, blades, brackets, compressor, wiring harness, thermostat, new copper tubing, new capillary tubing, charged and ready to install.

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Whether you need to buy vending machine parts such as bill acceptors, vending locks, coin mechanisms or any other parts for your vending machine, we have what you’re looking for. If you aren’t sure what you need, feel free to contact our customer support for guidance.

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Cavalier CS-72 This is the most popular cavalier machine. This electric machine has a red "Have a Coke" emblem which lights up when a coin is depostied and then allows a bottle to be vended.

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Disassembly. When I got this thing home I completly washed all the dirt and old soda off. Once this was done I waited about two months to research the history.

Soda Jerk Works provides restoration services for antique, classic and vintage soda machine coin mechanisms and bottle or can stacks. Contact us if you would like your classic soda machine restored or repaired, wish to purchase a Vintage soda vending machine or have a soda machine for sale. Our catalog has hundreds of parts for the restoration of Westinghouse,Ideal, Progress,Vendo,F.L. Jacobs.

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Funtronics is one of our two biggest suppliers of soda machine parts. "We are your supplier for all of your soda machine restoration parts. Our catalog is the most comprehensive compilation of reproduction parts.

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A Michigan Company, Custom Soda Works specializes in Classic & Vintage Soda Machine Repair and Restoration of the mid-1940’s to early 1970’s. Based in Michigan, Pat Pixley operates Custom Soda Works and offers consultation as well as repair and restoration work. Pat has been restoring machines since 1999 Don’t Crush Them – Restore Them !

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Vintage soda machines are not only eye catching, they’re extremely functional. What we call “up right machines” Vendo, Cavalier, Jacobs or Vendolator-VMC are very sought after and have a place in every collection. People have a lot of memories walking up to a machine inserting a dime and then opening the side glass door to […]

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